MiG-21 Group Build - Cápeti

Mikojan-Gurjevics MiG-21MF Fishbed-J

1:72, KP/Kopro
Pintér György - Múzeumi krimik During 1992-93, the Hungarian Air Force formed a four aircraft exhibition flying group called the Hungarian Sky Hussars. The aircraft flown were MIG-21MF Fishbed J’s and traveled throughout Europe with their dog-fighting show. Three of the aircraft were painted in the standard Magyar Légiero camo scheme, but one aircraft, #1904 was painted in a yellow scheme and was called "Capeti".

I had first seen footage of the Hussars ("Huszars") some time ago, so that chance to build a MiG-21 in the scheme was something to look forward too. I built the Kopro kit in 1/72 and then used a mix of the kit decals and some Begemot decals which included the basic frisks needed to make the shark mouthed "Capeti". She is depicted en route to an air display with her ferry tanks fitted (not carried during aerobatics!).

A short video of the Hussars in action, including "Capeti", can be found at: http://www.patricksaviation.com/videos/Tophatters/571

Any comments or questions are welcome.
Please enjoy!
Front view
Front view
Mig21 port rear qrtr
Mig21 port rear qrtr
Utolsó módosítás: 2008.04.10.
Adam Coleman (AdamC), McAllen
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2008.04.09. 09:31:12
Nice job! Cápeti is indeed a name, the name of a cartoon shark. There were two sharks in the cartoon, one called Cápali (Cápa= shark, Pali= Paulie combined into one name) and the other Cápeti (Peti=Pete)
2008.04.09. 10:19:33
The "Cápali és Cápeti" is a France cartoon called: "Sharky et Georges" http://www.coucoucircus.org/da/generique.php?id=1083
If I know well, the pilot's kid said first: "Cápeti!",
when he/she (?) saw this airplane with this paint,
then the makers give this name :)
Anyway, it's a great job! Thank you to share us!
2008.04.09. 13:18:00
Thank you. I found out later about the cartoon. (it's not shown in the US).

Question: Does anyone know what ever happened to "1904"?

2008.04.09. 14:41:24
Nekem is tetszik a repcsi.
Gratula! :-)
2008.04.09. 18:48:58
It looks nice.
Anyway we are becomeing international:)
When did U stardet modelling, what kind, what tipes do U building?
(Is my english correct?)
2008.04.09. 20:05:15
Great job! I've built one in 1:48 (OEZ). This is one of my favorites 21 camo paint.

As I know "Cápeti is located in Pápa military air base. It is kept outside. It was repainted (as I know) in 2000.
2008.04.10. 06:31:21
Modelling is an International language I think!
Thank you everyone. Do you have a picture of the 1/48 Capeti? I wish it stayed yellow.

Borisz: I sent you a seperate email, but I liked your FW-189A-2 in Magyar AF colours, “F.0 + 55” from the “Taltos” squadron. That is the first one I had ever seen built. Congratulations.
I like to build planes and tanks, and sometimes ships. I sent you some pictures of my builds.

A-4B Skyhawk 1/48 – Hasegawa. Argentina Air Force 27/5/1982. I found this one crashed in the Falkland Islands and have sent a picture of the crash site. 1/72 – A7V German tank. “Cyklop” Emhar model. 1/35 – A7V German tank: “Wotan” Tauro model. 1/72 – M1A1 Abrams. Australian Army. Dragon model. 1/48 – Tempest RAF. AMT model. 1/48 – Mirage IIIEA “0-15” Italeri model, converted to Argentine AF. I also found part of the tail. Shot down 4/5/1982.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Let me know if I can help you at any time. (I may need some help with HuAF models). Best Regards; Adam
2008.04.10. 16:06:23
Sorry I made a mistake: not Pápa but Taszár (next to Kaposvár).
Yes I have some pictures of the Cápeti. If you give me your mail address, I will be able to send you.
Greetings: Gábor
2008.04.11. 04:45:17
Thank you. That would be very good!

Ok - I am sending an email to your freemail.hu address.

2008.04.16. 21:26:20
Have you got my mail? I'm not sure because my mail system doesn't work good.
2008.10.30. 12:36:06
The first International Air Show was organized in Taszár in 1991. 3 MIG-21s presented an imitated dogfight in which the "intruder" was hard to recgnize for the public. The tail and real part of the fuselage was painted white,howewer, due to the cheep paintwork, it didn't lasted long. In preparation for the 1992 Air Show the same issue came up. The new painting based on the MIG-21 "Shark from India". The plane was painted during one night.It turned to a beautiful "Camel" yellow, with the cigarette advertisement on its body. The name "Peter Shark" came as natural.Fairford,England, July 24-25 1993 was the home for celebration of 75 years of the Royal Air Force. The "Hungarian Sky Hussars" from Taszár participated with great success in the "International Air Tattoo" show with MIG-21s. After disbandment the HDF 31st "Kapos" Combat Air Regiment (Fighter Wing), "Shark" was moved to Pápa.In parts, with fading paint. Afterwards "Shark" was moved to Taszár by volunteers. In 2005 the Airbase of Taszár was closed. The airbase and the "Shark" is awaiting for better future. May 23, 1978, it flew 1653 hours and 20 min, with 2766 landings.
2008.10.30. 12:38:13
Video about Peter Shark:
2009.10.23. 20:18:57
The "Cápeti" now exhibitioned in the HUAF Museum in Szolnok.

(I have too one Cápeti model, but my model is 1:48 Academy. See you my article: Mikojan-Gurjevics MiG-21bisz "Cápeti" The legend of the Hungarian Air Force.
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